Celery Juice

Celery Juice

Celery juice is one of the most highly nutritious and hydrating foods that you can ingest. Celery juice has been known to equalize the body’s pH and help it maintain its health systems. Because celery juice is high in nutrients but also very low in calories it also works to promote weight loss.

The benefits of celery have been known since ancient times. In the past salary was considered a medicinal herb and was used to treat a variety of ailments by using its cooling power and by mashing it into juice to promote better health.

The Benefits of Celery Juice

The benefits of celery juice and the benefits from drinking celery juice can allow you to help maintain your health in a variety of different areas. Celery juice can work to hydrate the body and help regulate body temperature because of the amount of moisture that is in celery. The nutrients including the high magnesium and iron content work well for rebuilding blood cells and maintain the body as well. Celery is also one of the main ingredients in Mean Green Juice.

By making celery juice and leaving the leaves on to be able to benefit from extra nutrition, this comes from the leafy greens around celery. The leaves are high in vitamin A in the lower stems are good for vitamin B-1, B-2, B6 and C. Celery jucie also has a high amount of calcium, folic acid, phosphorus and amino acids. By liquefying celery you’ll be able to get more than your daily amount of these vitamins and minerals in just one glass meeting that through juicing you can exploit the numerous health benefits that celery has without having to ingest celery as a solid food meaning that you can get more of these nutrients and your body through juicing.

Celery has been known to calm nerves and also help with hydration which can work really well with athletes. By keeping athletes hydrated and also relaxed it can help them to perform better under pressure and also work well as a post workout drink. By being able to hydrate and relax after work out an athlete will be able to recover much faster with a proper night’s rest and by making sure that their body is not dehydrated.

Because celery juice is so low in calories you can really help with weight loss. Celery is a great example of a snack that can suppress appetite without having to consume a lot of calories. Generally with celery, you can eat just about as much as you want and still lose weight. The same goes for juicing. A glass of celery juice will help to induce weight loss far better than some high calorie athletic drinks.

Celery has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and help to fight cancer. These benefits and more can be had all from drinking celery juice on a regular basis.
As you can see, there are a great number of benefits of celery juice. By keeping up a regiment of celery juice you be sure to get the grade nutrients packed into each glass and help to achieve your goals of living a healthier life.

How to Make Celery Juice

One of the best ways to make celery juice is with a masticasting juicer. These kinds of juicers squeeze the celery and extract more nutrients. The juicer I personally use was ordered from Amazon.com is the  Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer.

Kale Juice

Kale Juice

Juicing has become quite popular to get the proper nutrients throughout your day. Getting enough fruits and vegetables can be quite hard for some people to do and by juicing a person can ensure that they are getting the proper amount of nutrients in just one to two servings of juice. An extremely popular ingredient in mean green juice his kale. Kale juice has a number of great benefits they can help people to detoxify and increase their physical health and overall wellness.

Kale Juice Benefits

One of the main benefits of using kale is that it is high in nutrients with one of the few is calorie counts per cup out of any vegetable. A full cup of kale only contains 36 calories adding a wide variety of nutrients to the body well having you still remain quite low for calories. Juicing with kale can help with weight loss and also ensure that you’re getting the proper nutrients for your day.

What Is In Kale?

Kale is a rich source of Lutein which is an antioxidant that works to maintain vision and prevent damage to the skin as well as wrinkles. Ensuring that your body has a good amount of antioxidants will allow yourselves to continue regenerating and help you look and feel younger as a result.

Vitamin C is also found in kale. Kale can in fact provide you with 89% of your daily value in just a single cup. Vitamin C works to keep your body tissues healthy and also to help your body resist infection by strengthening your immune system. Kale juice contains rich amounts of vitamin C so it can help you from becoming run down or sick.

Kale juice contains calcium which is beneficial for vegans who would normally not be able to receive calcium from milk-based products. Calcium is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Calcium also works to help muscles recover after a workout or after strenuous activities. By drinking a glass of kale juice after a workout you could find your muscles recovering faster and that you’re able to work out with shorter recovery times and less muscle fatigue. Kale is a great alternative to many dairy-based products which can also be quite high in fat and in calories. Keeping the calories and fat low while still maintaining a proper calcium intake will allow you to lose weight and still feel healthy.

Vitamin K is also found in kale juice. Vitamin K is beneficial to helping your blood clot and ensuring that your skin conceal over if you’re ever cut. Vitamin K helps to regulate the blood and ensure a healthy composition of your blood.

In general, kale can be an extremely beneficial addition to your diet. Because of its high nutrient content and low calorie content it can work to encourage weight loss and also help you feel healthier. With just a little bit of tail added to your diet whether it be in kale juice or otherwise, you are sure to see some great health benefits and feel healthier as well.

Which Juicer Produces the Best Kale Juice?

The best kale juice is produced by the Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer. This is the juicer I personally own and have made over 200 juices in in less than one year. I did a lot of research and have found out that the centrifugal juicers, like the Breville Juice Fountain Elite in the movie; Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, do not produce the highest quality of juice and also create a very pulpy juice.

How do I know this? I owned a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juicers have higher oxidation…their blades move at 10,000 to 13,000 per minute! They shred the vegetable, and do not squeeze them like a masticating juicer.

Masticating juicers are less expensive, produce a more nutritious juice, and a lot less pulp. Ultimately, it is up to you and your pocketbook on which juicer to use.

Day 7 – Clarity

The juicing is rather rough when mixed with Bikram Hot Yoga. I feel very weak today. My mental clarity is low. My ability to work and think through problems is decreasing. I may need to add in some meals to deal with the calorie deficiency. In my first juice fast, I was able to relax and not workout nearly as much.

I think I will add in some soups to  regain some mental clarity.

Juice 25 – Mean Green Juice

I am hungry. I am tired. I just made more mean green juice.

Day 6 – Leap Ahead

Today is Leap Day! This morning I went through some old clothes and found my “Fat Boy” jeans. Back in September 2011, these jeans were snug on me!

Juicing certainly allowed me to leap ahead and become healthier much faster than other methods! 

I will be jumping into Crossfit soon and will harden back up!

Juice 21 – Mean Green Juice

The same juice. The same drill. I feel great this morning. I feel like this sinus problem is going away finally and the juice is taking over.

Juice 22 – Mean Green Juice

Had more juice around noon. Went out and ran errands. Need to buy more apples.

Juice 23 – Mean Green Juice

I am starting to feel some hunger. I really want to eat some Asian noodles…they sound really good.

8pm Yoga

Yumi was the instructor tonight. Juicing is allowing me to open up in more poses. Maybe because I am less bloated. My energy levels are doing okay. Not at my 100%.

Juice 24 – Mean Green Juice

I am feeling hungry after yoga…as I always do. I think the protein supplement helped last night. I may add those in every few days to help keep some muscle. I will be looking at the paleo diet when I get into crossfit.

Day 5 – Still Motivated

It’s day 5 on this juice fast. Tonight I will have fasted with yoga for 5 complete days…or one sixth of my goal. I am still motivated to complete this. I have a feeling the journey has yet to begin.

Juice 17 – Mean Green Juice

I just had my 17th juice. My body is detoxing a bit, but I have a feeling it will not be like the first juice fast I did. I was pretty well cleaned out after juicing for 55 days from September to November. I am sure I will get the benefits even faster now. I didn’t run into the mudbutt issue that happened last time. Was it the slow transition to juice? Or was it the fact that there was a healthier digestive system?

Juice 18 – Orange Juice

I am liking this OJ! Next juice will be mean green. Just getting some client work out before yoga tonight.

Juice 19 – Mean Green Juice

Needed to get a good dose of ginger…so I added a little more to this one. Boy does it have some real zip…especially Wholefoods ginger. Yum! Time to hydrate more…

8pm Yoga

Lynn  was the instructor tonight. I had a great class. I felt stronger today than yesterday. I am seeing results quickly…back bend is going further. Tree pose seems to be getting better.

Juice 20 – Protein Supplement

During my last juice fast, I noticed that some of my muscle was disappearing. I had though about adding in a protein supplement during this fasting process so I don’t lose more. I looked into a variety of products. I decided to use Natures Best Isopure Zero Carbs. It looks a lot like Kool Aid, but has no aspartame or carbs. Just 40 grams of protein in each bottle.

A lot of the reason I am doing this is to maintain strength in muscle, tendons and ligaments for joint health. Last time I didn’t use any and I had hip pains and eventually fell. Considering the fact that these yoga sessions are hot, 90 minutes long and work your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, I don’t want to get injured.

Day 4 – Back At It

I am feeling a bit tired today. My head still hurts from this sinus congestion. I do have to say, Yoga is a great relief from the congestion in my head. Must be the heat and concentrated poses.

I tried using my Neti Pot and the water won’t flow through. Too stuffed up.

Juice 13 – Mean Green Juice + Orange Juice

Woke up and had more OJ and mean green juice. I will nap for a moment and bust out some work. Need to buy more apples too. It’s been a while since I have shaved…looking pretty scruffy.

Juice 14 – Mean Green Juice

I think I am starting to get some relief from this sinus congestion. I went to the store after my first juice and got more apples. Looking forward to yoga tonight. Maybe I will shave today…I am ultra scruffy.

6:15pm Yoga

Doug was the instructor tonight. One of the women in the studio, Michelle, completed a 365 day challenge! Oh…and she lost 120lbs…how inspirational!!!!

I look at my personal challenge for just 30 days and it seems trivial compared to hers. The hardest part I have right now is the lack of calories due to my juice fast. I was not very strong tonight, but I feel like I am getting into some alpha states of mind in class. Seems like some of the poses are becoming more doable and my hips are opening up more. My mental clarity is not as sharp as it normally is.

Juice 15 – Orange Juice

After yoga, I went to Wholefoods and got more kale, cukes and fresh squeezed OJ. I had a large glass of OJ and will make Mean Green Juice for my last juice of the evening.

Juice 16 – Mean Green Juice

I forgot to post this last juice of the evening. I was tired. I was doing my yoga laundry and dozed off into lala land. Had some interesting dreams about someone breaking into my apartment. It was a good dream!

Day 3 – Sucking it Up!

My sniffle has turned into some sinus congestion. Today is the kind of day when you just suck it up and stick to the plan. You trap that monkey mind into a box and make it your gimp!

Juice 9 – Mean Green Juice

Woke up this morning and made myself another glass of Mean Green Juice.  Afterwards, I went to the store and got some apples, lemons and celery. Time to use Neti Pot and rest.

Juice 10 – Mean Green Juice

Woohoo…into the double digits for juice on this juice fast! Can’t wait to be 10 days into the yoga portion! I wish the sinus issue would go away. It will when I go to yoga at 4pm.

4pm Yoga

Joe was the instructor today. Wow. Yoga was hard today…but I crushed it. Calories count for something. You hear all kinds of stats about wokouts, but they say a Bikram Hot Yoga class can burn as many as 1100 calories in 90 minutes. I lost about a pound per day on my First Juice Fast. I should keep track of this one too. Juicing and Yoga are a great combination. My head is thumping. I want to lay down. I wish this cold would go away! I will know in the next few days if I will add in a protein supplement. It may allow me to continue on successfully.

I know I lost some good muscle when I did my last fast. It would be nice to keep what I have. I will be jumping into Crossfit after I complete this 30 day juice fast and my body gets readjusted to food…which will take a week of soup, eggs and smoothies. I am rambling…rest….

Juice 11 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Back at Wholefoods to get yummy cukes and kale. I also picked up some natural freshly squeezed orange juice to boost vitamin c levels. My nose just dripped on my desk. Probably part of my sniffle, but can also be part of the detox. Essentially I had 2 juices, the Waldorf and then some OJ. Time to chill…need to watch some more Nikita on Netflix.

Juice 12 – Mean Green Juice + Orange Juice

Trying to knock out this cold…I had a full serving of mean green juice and an orange juice chaser. I did not mix them…thank god and drank each one separately. Nap time. Looking forward to another day of juice and yoga!

Day 2 – No More Prep

Ha…as I stated last night, I am no longer in my prep stage. I decided to just go ahead and start my juice fast and 30 days of Bikram Yoga yesterday. So far so good!

Getting plenty of rest and recovery. Drinking lots of water. Another great day!

Juice 5 – Mean Green Juice

I feel the juice working its way through my gut. Should be an interesting 48 hours or so. Pack extra yoga shorts!

Juice 6 – Mean Green Juice

Just chilling out until my hot yoga class at 4pm. I am going to crush it!

4:00pm Yoga

Sherry was the instructor tonight. I am certainly feeling the effects of juice fasting and hot yoga. I am tired and clumsy. This may be an interesting 30 days…hehehe. I feel good, but maybe it is just a shock to the system. Fasting alone is rough. Some people say Bikram  Yoga is torture…90 minutes in a room that is 105 degrees. 2 breathing exercises and we do 26 different poses twice. Lots of sweat!

Someone special told me to not think of it as torture…rather it is conditioning. I like her philosophy and it is the mindset I agree with. Thank you Sharon…your wisdom is always appreciated.

Juice 7 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Getting out of yoga, I realized I needed more calories faster than what I could do by going home and juicing. Plus I needed more fruits and veggies to make more Mean Green Juice. Stopped in at Wholefoods for more juice. While I was there, I bought some nice kale, cucumbers, and ginger. So good and fresh. Time for some rest before my last juice.

Juice 8 – Mean Green Juice

The final juice of the evening. The fresh veggies at Wholefoods were wonderful in this juice tonight. They probably have the best kale around.

Prep Day 1

I have been drinking mean green juice throughout the week to prep my insides for this wild new adventure. I will complete my cleanse over the weekend and will start my 30Day Hot Yoga Challenge on Monday. March 28th, 2012 will be the completion date. What more will I learn about myself???

It is time to put the blinders on once again and get seriously focused. After talking to a great yoga instructor about a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge, she told me to:

  1. Keep my head in the game
  2. Stay hydrated and get my electrolytes
  3. Don’t do double classes – which means go every day…no skipping a day!
  4. Enjoy the journey

After I did my last juice fast I also need to consider:

  1. I could last on just juice for 4 weeks on a fitness routine
  2. I MUST consume 4 juices a day
  3. I must get plenty of rest

My schedule is rather busy at work right now…good thing I work from home. I also plan on doing the late yoga classes each day so I can get maximum rest at sleepy time.

Juice 1 – Mean Green Juice

This really is not my first juice for the week…but I will consider this my first juice for this fast since I am now on 100% juice until I complete the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge.

Juice 2 – Mean Green Juice

Juice number 2 down the hatch for today. I think prepping this week was a good idea. May make the mudbutt situation go away…butt we will see.

Juice 3 – Mean Green Juice

I just had juice number 3 of this crazy idea I have. My house smells like lemon and ginger when I walk through the door. Absolutely love it.

4:15 Bikram Yoga Class

Maria was the instructor tonight. A great class as always. When I got to the studio today, I just decided I have done enough prep work this last week. It was time to just go for it and crush it! Forget starting Monday…I started tonight which is Friday. Sunday may be a bit interesting as in the past I usually have a full day of “cleansing” the bowels. We will see. I will pack extra yoga shorts for Sundays class.

Juice 4 – Mean Green Juice

Just had my last juice for the evening. Looking forward to some great rest. Going to use my Neti Pot to flush out a sniffle I feel coming on. It’s too early in this game to get sick!

A New Journey

In The Beginning

Back in September, I attempted to Juice Fast for 70 days. I made it 55 days and towards the end, I got tired of blogging. I also consumed 1 to 2 juices per day…sometimes none at all. Eventually I got very weak and fell. I was dizzy and very light headed from not consuming calories.

The Journey from September to November had taught me many things about myself. In the end of my first juice fast, it was ego that wanted me to push forward to accomplish my goal at the expense of my well being. After talking to a few close friends and family members, I was comfortable ending the fast 15 days early. I appreciate the people that have read my blog and became inspired to start your own journey. A new journey for me is upon the horizon…

30 Days of Hell & Torture

I am going to start another fast again. However, this time I am really going to heat things up! In addition to a 30 day juice fast, I will be doing a 30 day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge.

I got into hot yoga shortly after I completed my juice fast in November. After I took the first class I was hooked. Imagine drinking nothing but Mean Green Juice for 30 days and combining the powerful effects of yoga, in a 105 degree room over 90 minutes?!?! Can I make it?


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