Juicing vs. Fast Food

WARNING!!! This Picture Says It All!

Stage 1 Hypertension…Seriously?!?!

Here are MY numbers today. 140/84. Holy Shit!

As I was in the grocery store, I passed by the Blood Pressure Monitor you see all the old people sitting at while they wait for their medications to be processed by the pharmacy. I sat down and checked mine out….and they are out of control! I just turned 39…how can this happen?  

Obviously I let laziness, the lack of will power and convenience get the better part of me. It’s time to take charge!

I Was a Fast Food Clown!

Eating fast food really boils down to one thing…LAZINESS!!!

I work from home. I sit all day and stare into a computer monitor. Then when work is over, I chill out in front of the TV watching Netflix. I don’t bother with the news, I don’t like sports, and I don’t go out much. I am a bit of a dork. As a lot of us tech junkies do, we frequent the drive thru or have pizza delivered. We are online over 12 hours a day.

Here is the typical drive thru meal:

  • 2 Double Cheese Burgers – $1.00 Each
  • Small Fry – $1.00
  • Large Coke – $2.39

After tax, the total is: $5.75…OR $23 for 4 meals! This is more expensive than Juicing.

A Million Smiles a Week = Pizza Belly!

My favorite food of all is pizza! I love pepperoni, sausage and mushroom. I have slowed down on it since 2007 (5 or 6 pizzas a week), but I still manage to eat one to two per week…with less meats and more veggies. 

Pizza is so convenient…they deliver. Also you can order a 2 liter of your favorite soda to chug it down while you demolish your cheesy heaven. Wings, cheese bread, and other goodies are also easy to add on to the order, while the inches add up on your belly.

But wait…there is more!!!

Let’s not forget about a possible heart attack which includes:

  1. The expensive hospital trip
  2. The extended stay at the hospital
  3. The months of rehabilitation
  4. The fact I may DIE from this

Heart attack and stroke all sound like things I want to avoid. There is no doubt that pizza, soda, hamburgers, hot dogs, red meat in large quantities, cheese and the deficit of large quantities of fruits and vegetables have caused much of my weight gain, health issues and joint pain. If my blood pressure keeps increasing, I will more than likely die…suicide by food.

Since I have high blood pressure now, I have two choices:

  1. Suicide by Food – Eating fast food, meat, dairy and sugar
  2. Health by Juice – Allowing fuits and veggies to heal my body

Mark Renton said it best, I choose life!

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