Day 45

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 45 Weight – 205.1
Weight Lost – 40.9lbs



I am more tired about blogging than I am about not eating food at this point. My experiment is working and I no longer need a place to vent my feelings. The blog has helped me stay accountable in the beginning, but I no longer need it as a crutch.

 I will still use it as a way to keep track of my juices and daily photos. But I probably won’t add much more info like I was before. Blogging is a pain in the ass for people that do not like writing in the first place.

I think it would be easier to write this down in a food journal instead.

Juice 162 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Back at Wholefoods for some juice.

Juice 163 – 4oz Wheatgrass & Watermelon

Had to go to wholefoods to buy some apples. I also got juice while I was there.

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