Day 46

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 46 Weight – 204.3
Weight Lost – 41.7lbs


Cholesterol Test Came Back!

I got my new cholesterol numbers today.

Total Cholesterol: 152

I am pleased to see this is almost half of what I started at…300 if you remember!

HDL Cholesterol: 40

This is down…I made giant strides to increase this my first test. I have not been consuming fiber and my juice intake is down. I need more daily kale.

Triglycerides: 101

This is about my normal now.

LDL Cholesterol: 92 

It is nice to see the LDL go down as well…below 100 is great!

Heart Ratio: 3.8

Still in a normal range. This increased because I need to drink more juices and consume green leafys. I mostly drink green juices, but now only 1 to 2 per day. when I start eating again, it will improve. I need to raise the HDL score.

Juice 164 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Grapefruit

Went to Wholefoods first thing this morning to get more juice with my business partner. Came back and I am still working on website updates for all my clients.

Juice 165 – Mean Green Juice

I had more Mean Green Juice tonight. I really like the zip the ginger adds. Spices it all up.

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