Day 49 – 7 Weeks

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 49 Weight – 201.8
Weight Lost – 44.2lbs


Seven Weeks and Counting Down!

So far it has been an amazing journey. Food and juice do not appeal to me any more. I am not hungry. Just 3 more weeks left. I will probably end up at around 190lbs.

I Had a slight increase in weight today which is strange, but I guess it was goigng to happen sometime.

Juice 170 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Back this morening for more juice. I had to get out of the house for a bit since I am online all day.

Juice 171 – Mean Green Juice

I went to Wholefoods and had them make a Mean Green Juice for me. Amazingly good and just under $9.

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