Day 50 – Only 20 More Days!

Daily Juice Fast Photo


Day 49 Weight – 200.5
Weight Lost – 45.5lbs


Dinner with Myranda & Destiny

I took my nice out for dinner tonight with her most original friend. We went to a nice steak restaurant and I sat and watched them eat hot bread with butter, steak, rice and black beans. They had churros for dessert. It looked good, but I didn’t miss it that much. The stress modifiers seem to have worked. The day was super busy and got to post this late.

Juice 172 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Watermelon

Had my juice this morning at Wholefoods again. I swear if anyone reads this they will think I am sponsored by them. I am not…and I am completely independent from any affiliation to any corporation at this point. I am not sponsored to do this. Nor am I currently looking to make a buck off of this.

However, if some big corporation wants me to be a spokes person for a ridiculous amount of money, I would seriously consider it. Hahaha…

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