Day 51 – Halloween Parties

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 51 Weight – 200lbs Even
Weight Lost – 46lbs


Halloween Parties

There are a lot of Halloween parties going on this weekend and I am making the conscious decision to stay in. I don’t want to be tempted by anything tonight. Only 19 days left to go and I am going to finish strong.

Juice 173 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Pear Juice

I tried just pear juice this morning along with my Wheatgrass. It reminded me of my childhood. As a kid I remembered drinking pear nectar at my dad’s house.

Juice 174 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Back for more juice at Wholefoods. Since I only juice twice a day now, it is just easier to get it there…and costs just as much if I make it at home. No mess to clean up. I am looking forward to cooking and making some new soup ideas.

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