A New Journey

In The Beginning

Back in September, I attempted to Juice Fast for 70 days. I made it 55 days and towards the end, I got tired of blogging. I also consumed 1 to 2 juices per day…sometimes none at all. Eventually I got very weak and fell. I was dizzy and very light headed from not consuming calories.

The Journey from September to November had taught me many things about myself. In the end of my first juice fast, it was ego that wanted me to push forward to accomplish my goal at the expense of my well being. After talking to a few close friends and family members, I was comfortable ending the fast 15 days early. I appreciate the people that have read my blog and became inspired to start your own journey. A new journey for me is upon the horizon…

30 Days of Hell & Torture

I am going to start another fast again. However, this time I am really going to heat things up! In addition to a 30 day juice fast, I will be doing a 30 day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge.

I got into hot yoga shortly after I completed my juice fast in November. After I took the first class I was hooked. Imagine drinking nothing but Mean Green Juice for 30 days and combining the powerful effects of yoga, in a 105 degree room over 90 minutes?!?! Can I make it?


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