Day 3 – Sucking it Up!

My sniffle has turned into some sinus congestion. Today is the kind of day when you just suck it up and stick to the plan. You trap that monkey mind into a box and make it your gimp!

Juice 9 – Mean Green Juice

Woke up this morning and made myself another glass of Mean Green Juice.  Afterwards, I went to the store and got some apples, lemons and celery. Time to use Neti Pot and rest.

Juice 10 – Mean Green Juice

Woohoo…into the double digits for juice on this juice fast! Can’t wait to be 10 days into the yoga portion! I wish the sinus issue would go away. It will when I go to yoga at 4pm.

4pm Yoga

Joe was the instructor today. Wow. Yoga was hard today…but I crushed it. Calories count for something. You hear all kinds of stats about wokouts, but they say a Bikram Hot Yoga class can burn as many as 1100 calories in 90 minutes. I lost about a pound per day on my First Juice Fast. I should keep track of this one too. Juicing and Yoga are a great combination. My head is thumping. I want to lay down. I wish this cold would go away! I will know in the next few days if I will add in a protein supplement. It may allow me to continue on successfully.

I know I lost some good muscle when I did my last fast. It would be nice to keep what I have. I will be jumping into Crossfit after I complete this 30 day juice fast and my body gets readjusted to food…which will take a week of soup, eggs and smoothies. I am rambling…rest….

Juice 11 – Wholefoods Waldorf

Back at Wholefoods to get yummy cukes and kale. I also picked up some natural freshly squeezed orange juice to boost vitamin c levels. My nose just dripped on my desk. Probably part of my sniffle, but can also be part of the detox. Essentially I had 2 juices, the Waldorf and then some OJ. Time to chill…need to watch some more Nikita on Netflix.

Juice 12 – Mean Green Juice + Orange Juice

Trying to knock out this cold…I had a full serving of mean green juice and an orange juice chaser. I did not mix them…thank god and drank each one separately. Nap time. Looking forward to another day of juice and yoga!

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