Day 4 – Back At It

I am feeling a bit tired today. My head still hurts from this sinus congestion. I do have to say, Yoga is a great relief from the congestion in my head. Must be the heat and concentrated poses.

I tried using my Neti Pot and the water won’t flow through. Too stuffed up.

Juice 13 – Mean Green Juice + Orange Juice

Woke up and had more OJ and mean green juice. I will nap for a moment and bust out some work. Need to buy more apples too. It’s been a while since I have shaved…looking pretty scruffy.

Juice 14 – Mean Green Juice

I think I am starting to get some relief from this sinus congestion. I went to the store after my first juice and got more apples. Looking forward to yoga tonight. Maybe I will shave today…I am ultra scruffy.

6:15pm Yoga

Doug was the instructor tonight. One of the women in the studio, Michelle, completed a 365 day challenge! Oh…and she lost 120lbs…how inspirational!!!!

I look at my personal challenge for just 30 days and it seems trivial compared to hers. The hardest part I have right now is the lack of calories due to my juice fast. I was not very strong tonight, but I feel like I am getting into some alpha states of mind in class. Seems like some of the poses are becoming more doable and my hips are opening up more. My mental clarity is not as sharp as it normally is.

Juice 15 – Orange Juice

After yoga, I went to Wholefoods and got more kale, cukes and fresh squeezed OJ. I had a large glass of OJ and will make Mean Green Juice for my last juice of the evening.

Juice 16 – Mean Green Juice

I forgot to post this last juice of the evening. I was tired. I was doing my yoga laundry and dozed off into lala land. Had some interesting dreams about someone breaking into my apartment. It was a good dream!

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