Day 5 – Still Motivated

It’s day 5 on this juice fast. Tonight I will have fasted with yoga for 5 complete days…or one sixth of my goal. I am still motivated to complete this. I have a feeling the journey has yet to begin.

Juice 17 – Mean Green Juice

I just had my 17th juice. My body is detoxing a bit, but I have a feeling it will not be like the first juice fast I did. I was pretty well cleaned out after juicing for 55 days from September to November. I am sure I will get the benefits even faster now. I didn’t run into the mudbutt issue that happened last time. Was it the slow transition to juice? Or was it the fact that there was a healthier digestive system?

Juice 18 – Orange Juice

I am liking this OJ! Next juice will be mean green. Just getting some client work out before yoga tonight.

Juice 19 – Mean Green Juice

Needed to get a good dose of ginger…so I added a little more to this one. Boy does it have some real zip…especially Wholefoods ginger. Yum! Time to hydrate more…

8pm Yoga

Lynn  was the instructor tonight. I had a great class. I felt stronger today than yesterday. I am seeing results quickly…back bend is going further. Tree pose seems to be getting better.

Juice 20 – Protein Supplement

During my last juice fast, I noticed that some of my muscle was disappearing. I had though about adding in a protein supplement during this fasting process so I don’t lose more. I looked into a variety of products. I decided to use Natures Best Isopure Zero Carbs. It looks a lot like Kool Aid, but has no aspartame or carbs. Just 40 grams of protein in each bottle.

A lot of the reason I am doing this is to maintain strength in muscle, tendons and ligaments for joint health. Last time I didn’t use any and I had hip pains and eventually fell. Considering the fact that these yoga sessions are hot, 90 minutes long and work your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, I don’t want to get injured.

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