Day 6 – Leap Ahead

Today is Leap Day! This morning I went through some old clothes and found my “Fat Boy” jeans. Back in September 2011, these jeans were snug on me!

Juicing certainly allowed me to leap ahead and become healthier much faster than other methods! 

I will be jumping into Crossfit soon and will harden back up!

Juice 21 – Mean Green Juice

The same juice. The same drill. I feel great this morning. I feel like this sinus problem is going away finally and the juice is taking over.

Juice 22 – Mean Green Juice

Had more juice around noon. Went out and ran errands. Need to buy more apples.

Juice 23 – Mean Green Juice

I am starting to feel some hunger. I really want to eat some Asian noodles…they sound really good.

8pm Yoga

Yumi was the instructor tonight. Juicing is allowing me to open up in more poses. Maybe because I am less bloated. My energy levels are doing okay. Not at my 100%.

Juice 24 – Mean Green Juice

I am feeling hungry after yoga…as I always do. I think the protein supplement helped last night. I may add those in every few days to help keep some muscle. I will be looking at the paleo diet when I get into crossfit.

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