Prep Day 1

I have been drinking mean green juice throughout the week to prep my insides for this wild new adventure. I will complete my cleanse over the weekend and will start my 30Day Hot Yoga Challenge on Monday. March 28th, 2012 will be the completion date. What more will I learn about myself???

It is time to put the blinders on once again and get seriously focused. After talking to a great yoga instructor about a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge, she told me to:

  1. Keep my head in the game
  2. Stay hydrated and get my electrolytes
  3. Don’t do double classes – which means go every day…no skipping a day!
  4. Enjoy the journey

After I did my last juice fast I also need to consider:

  1. I could last on just juice for 4 weeks on a fitness routine
  2. I MUST consume 4 juices a day
  3. I must get plenty of rest

My schedule is rather busy at work right now…good thing I work from home. I also plan on doing the late yoga classes each day so I can get maximum rest at sleepy time.

Juice 1 – Mean Green Juice

This really is not my first juice for the week…but I will consider this my first juice for this fast since I am now on 100% juice until I complete the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge.

Juice 2 – Mean Green Juice

Juice number 2 down the hatch for today. I think prepping this week was a good idea. May make the mudbutt situation go away…butt we will see.

Juice 3 – Mean Green Juice

I just had juice number 3 of this crazy idea I have. My house smells like lemon and ginger when I walk through the door. Absolutely love it.

4:15 Bikram Yoga Class

Maria was the instructor tonight. A great class as always. When I got to the studio today, I just decided I have done enough prep work this last week. It was time to just go for it and crush it! Forget starting Monday…I started tonight which is Friday. Sunday may be a bit interesting as in the past I usually have a full day of “cleansing” the bowels. We will see. I will pack extra yoga shorts for Sundays class.

Juice 4 – Mean Green Juice

Just had my last juice for the evening. Looking forward to some great rest. Going to use my Neti Pot to flush out a sniffle I feel coming on. It’s too early in this game to get sick!

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