Juice Fast Preparation

The Last Supper

Pizza…Say Good Bye!

I went to one of my favorite pizza places tonight as my “Last Supper”! I ordered a 12 inch cheese pizza and an unlimited supply of Coke. As I write this, I wonder when the pizza cravings will begin? Can I resist?

I need to remind myself about the Blood Pressure Test I took today at the grocery store. I plan on getting cholesterol and triglyceride levels checked tomorrow.

Pizza is not the reason I am in this position, it is the lack of good eating habits and lack of discipline that has lead to becoming unhealthy. I take responsibility for where I am now, and don’t blame others for the convenience and emotional eating I have done.

Large corporations spend billions of dollars to enter our subconscious minds. Food lobbyists more than likely created our food pyramid that is promoted by the USDA. However, we are still responsible for our own health.

I am responsible for what goes in my mouth and comes out the other end! No more excuses.

Farewell to Food

I can only imagine that this is a journey of self discovery and a lonely one at that. I explained what I am doing to a few people, most think I am nuts. One person in particular, my business partner Bill McNeil, thought I was crazy! I showed him the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and he started juicing that moment…and so far has been juicing for 8 days now!

Bill is an inspiration to people that act on the “Now”! Glad to always have you in my corner my friend.

Shit Hits the Fan Tomorrow

I look forward to waking up, working out, and starting my juicing journey. I welcome you to watch, read and share your thoughts with me. I am ready!

The First Grocery Shopping Trip

One Day Supply for Juice

Here is a photo of all the ingredients to make one day’s worth of Phi’s Mean Green Juice…a total of 4 glasses of juice!

I got all these vegetable from the local grocery store down the street. I didn’t buy organic. I didn’t spend my whole paycheck or break the bank buy fruits and veggies. While you may argue the benefit of organic vs. conventional, we can save that topic for another post.

What I want to point out is that juicing can be less than the dollar menu at the drive thru. It is better to juice conventional fruits and veggies than to go thru the drive thru and get a double cheese, french fry and large coke.

The total cost was $19.13 for a full day of juice….OR $4.78 per juice!

The shopping was fast and easy. I went right to the produce section and left. I didn’t cruise around the store or look for what I may miss during this fast.

Setting Up Your Kitchen

Your Juicing Workspace

The success of your juice fast will depend on many things. One of them will be at how easy it is for you to make the juices at home.

In the photo above, I have all the tools I need to be successful on my juicing journey.

Here is a detailed list:

  • Omega 1000 Juicer – This is an old centrifugal I had purchased in the 90s.
  • Kitchen Knives – I bought these years ago at Sams Club
  • Cutting Board
  • Glass
  • Citrus Juicer – I use this for lemons and my Morning Protocol.
  • Vegetable Scrubber – Yellow object in photo below.  

Hardly Any Space Required!

As you can see, juicing really does not take up much space on the kitchen counter. It is nice to have it close to the sink to wash your vegetables and fruits. Clean up is also a snap!

I am waiting for a new Masticating Juicer from Omega and will certainly post reasons why I chose that over the Breville Juicer used in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in more posts…although I can see myself purchasing that one down the road as well.

Preparing for a Juice Fast

I saw the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I was absolutely amazed and motivated by Joe Cross and Phil Staples passion, that I decided to do it myself.

My name is James and I am preparing for a 70 day juice fast. I have always loved a challenge and have no doubt that this will be exciting journey into my soul, character and intestinal fortitude.

I will start juicing on September, 9th 2011
and fast until November, 18th 2011.

Before I start, I am doing the following:

  • Having a blood panel check for cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Checking my blood pressure values
  • Getting a BodPod test to determine body composition
  • Getting my fat suit measurements taken

I will re-check these vitals throughout the juice fast to determine the level of success.

I will monitor the following daily:

  • Weight – Every Morning
  • Water Consumption – A gallon a day
  • Cravings
  • Exercise
  • Cardio
  • Overall Energy Level
  • Daily Pic

Free Juice Recipes