Day 44

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 44 Weight – 206.1
Weight Lost – 39.9lbs


I have Lost 40 Pounds in 44 Days!

I weighed myself this morning as always and have lost almost 40 pounds since I started this juice fasting journey. I am getting compliments from family and friends…they say I look so young now. While it is great for my ego, I remind myself that I it is easier to shoot back up there. It has also taken a lot of work to drop the weight and become healthy.

Back in 2007, I weighed 289. That makes a total weight loss of 82.9lbs. I know my heart is thanking me.

Juice 161 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I got my cholesterol checked again today and will be looking forward to these new results. I went to Wholefoods with my business partner and his family. It is such a lovely day today.

This is the only juice for the day. I am not hungry.

Day 43

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 43 Weight – 206.8
Weight Lost – 39.2lbs



Juice 159 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I still can’t believe I am functioning so well on only 2 juices per day. It is strange to think that I have not eaten a normal meal in 43 days.

Juice 160 – Mean Green Juice

It has been a long week and I am exhausted from catching up on work. Still have a ton more to do. I made a glass of Mean Green Juice around 8:30pm and went to bed…fell asleep watching Miami Vice.

Day 42 – 6 Weeks

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 42 Weight – 207.1lbs
Weight Lost – 38.9lbs


6 Weeks of No Food!

It is hard to think that I have not eaten a normal meal in six weeks.

Juice 157 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Pineapple

Back to Wholefoods to start my day off with some more heart healthy juice!

Juice 158 – Mean Green Juice

Another busy day catching up on work. I made the Mean Green that I started my journey on.

Day 41 – 2 A day

Daily Juice Fast Photo 

Day 41 Weight – 207.8lbs
Weight Lost – 38.2lbs


Just 2 Per Day

I have been consuming only 2 juices a day for the last 2 days now. It is not that I lost interest in this or that I am lazy. I am not hungry and sometimes lose track of time at work.

Normally, people get hungry and then they eat. My desire for food has vanished…as my waistline is vanishing.

I never thought in the beginning I would be down to 2 juices a day. I can now see how people can do water fasts for 40 or more days.

Juice 155 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I really like the combination of the apple and kale. I need to get back to some Mean Green Juice though.

Juice 156 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Grapefruit

I went to wholefoods tonight for more juice. I have to admit, I am getting tired of making juice 4 times a day. I clean the 4 times a day. I chop veggies 4 times a day.

Also, to be honest, I am not very hungry. I am not tired like before. Something switched on the inside.

Day 40 – 30 Days to Go

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 40 Weight – 208.9lbs
Weight Lost – 37.1lbs



Juice 153 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I went to Wholefoods for my first juice of the day. I really like the Waldorf. Lots of kale and the apples mask the kale pretty well.

Juice 154 – Wholefoods Green Monster

I am not even hungry anymore. I don’t feel like eating or drinking anything. Today was a busy day, but feel no need to slow down to juice.

Day 39 – Lost Over 80lbs Since 2007

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 39 Weight – 209.8lbs
Weight Lost – 36.2lbs

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.” 


 — Author Unknown

Making Serious Progress

I am making progress as I look at the weight I have lost over the years.

So far to date I have lost 80…Eighty…EIGHTY pounds since 2007.

289lbs was my heaviest. When you get to be heavy like that, you want to lose weight, but sometimes think it can be impossible. I am here to tell you it is not! It is quite possible. I am doing it and by the time I am done, I would have lost over 100lbs.

The Weightloss Cliche

So many people quote Tony Robbins and say, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” That line is cliche and bullshit.

When you’re fat, you don’t know what thin feels like. You may remember once upon a time a goo. But all you want to do is have more pizza or indulge in some other food demon. It is very easy to sabotage your success. You might do Weight Watchers and repeat this phrase over and over to yourself, but that phrase has no inspiration behind it.

It takes radical change of habits and sincere self motivation. Not a stupid catch phrase.

Do What Is Successful

I created my juicing goals into daily blocks. First the 3 day fast. If I did three days, I know I could survive 5 days. If I survived 5 days, then I could suvive another 5 and go for 10 days.

Once I did 10 days, I knew I could go for blocks of ten days. 3o days seems like cake now! 

Then I slowly started adding in stress modifiers. In just 31 more days I will complete my goal of a 70 day juice fast.  

Juice 150 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I was up and out the door this morning to say good bye to my buddy. I stopped by Wholefoods to get a morning juice. I only have about 130 more juices to go!

Juice 151 – Grapefruit

I went by Wholefoods after dropping my buddy off at the airport. I ordered the grapefruit juice and it was delicious.

Juice 152 – Mean Green Juice

Catching up on work, I got thirsty for some of the original Mean Green Juice. I think this is the final juice of the evening. I am not hungry.

Day 38 – Not Hungry

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 38 Weight – 210.8lbs
Weight Lost – 33.8lbs

“Where you start is not as important as where you finish.”

— Zig Ziglar

I Am Not Hungry

I am not hungry like I use to be. It seems the longer I fast the less interested in food I become. Don’t get me wrong…I still want to eat at times. But the desire is going away.

I go out and run some errands or go see family and I lose track of time and juicing. Before I was really careful so I would not eat, but now it is no big deal. I know it has been the stress modifiers I have used to recondition me. The other part of this is that the body does what it needs to do as well.

Just like  we should do with food, I will juice when I am hungry.

Juice 147 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Wholefoods Waldorf Juice

I went to Wholefoods this morning for some refreshing juice before I got busy on my Sunday. As I was doing my double shot of wheatgrass, the lady in the line asked me how I liked it. I told her it was a bit earthy, but soooo good for you.

Juice 148 – Wholefoods Green Monster

Got busy today running errands. Forgot that my parts were soaking over night for a good cleaning. I went back to Wholefoods for more juice.

Juice 149 – Mean Green Juice

I think I am going to bounce between 3 to 4 juices a day from now on. Sometimes I just don’t feel like drinking four. I am not hungry, but food still looks good from time to time. Maybe use 4 juices on the days I work out or go for a walk.

Day 37 – Catching Up

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 37 Weight – 212.2lbs
Weight Lost – 33.8lbs

“Someday is not a day of the week.”

— Unknown

I Have Been a Blogging Slacker!

For all of you that have thought I am bailing on this juice fast, you are quite wrong!!!

My work schedule was crazy last week, and I had a great friend come in for a visit. I got to catch up with him and try some more stress modifiers like watching him eat sushi, going to Hooters, a local bar down the street and Tilted Kilt. Water was the only thing I consumed at all places.

It is easy to get behind on all this blogging when things get really busy. I am also not much of a writer. I mostly dread sitting down and writing my thoughts for everyone to see.

Normally I am a very private person and keep to myself. I wanted to blog about juice fasting because I thought it would be fascinating to keep track of my progress.

It is very fascinating to me. I am blessed by all of your comments and support. Thank you. I will do a better job blogging…still catching up on some previous days and new info! No excuses.

Juice 143 – 2oz Wheatgrass & Grapefruit/Pear

I like going to Wholefoods in the morning to get my juices. I guess one could equate it to Starbucks if you were into coffee. For me it is one of the few times I leave my house for the day. I am a bit of a hermit as my business partner would tell me.

After I went for my morning juice, I went to Costco and got a pair of new jeans…size 36! It has been since the early 90s that I could squeeze into that size. But, today I did not have to squeeze!!!

Juice 144 – Mean Green Juice

I celebrated my new Lucky Brand jeans with more Mean Green Juice. I am feeling and looking good!

Juice 145 – Wholefoods Waldorf

I tried a new green juice at Wholefoods call the Waldorf. It was an apple base with lots of kale and celery.

Here is the recipe:

  • 5 Stalks Kale
  • 2 Green Apples
  • 4 Stalks Celery
  • Baby Spoon of Flax Seed Oil

I got mine without the flax as I am juice fasting. It had a very apple flavor with the barn yard taste of kale.

Juice 146 – Mean Green Juice

The final juice of the evening. This stuff has really improved my cholesterol, which I still have to post the results for. My HDL went down, so I am going to increase the greens even more so I can improve that score!

Day 36 – Over the Hump

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 36 Weight – 212.5lbs
Weight Lost – 33.5lbs



Juice 139 – 2oz Shot of Wheatgrass & Pineapple

Back at Wholefoods for some more juice this morning. The staff at the juice bar is very friendly and know what they are doing. I am kinda getting to know them by now.

Juice 140 – Mean Green Juice

I dropped my buddy off and got back to some more Mean Green Juice. Business partner came back over and we knocked out a bunch of work.

Juice 141 – Mean Green Juice

After working so intense on some projects, I made some juice and took a nap. I needed some down time and caught a few Z’s before my next juice.

Juice 142 – Mean Green Juice

After I made this final juice of the evening I just chilled out and watched some DVDs. Dozed off to sleep nicely.

Day 35 – Half Way

Daily Juice Fast Photo

Day 35 Weight – 212.8lbs
Weight Lost – 33.2lbs


Half Way There!!!

At the end of today I am halfway there!

Juice 136 – Mean Green Juice

I made more Mean Green Juice but this time I also offered some to my buddy that came in from Louisville. He also chugged it like I do.

Juice 137 – Mean Green Juice

My buddy in from Louisville and my business partner and I all went out for sushi…kinda! I tagged along and watched them eat sushi rolls and sashimi. I certainly wanted to partake in the feast, but I was cool with it and this process. Besides, these guys would never let me cheat! These are the kind of guys you want on your side…great friends.

Juice 138 – Wholefoods Green Monster

This is the third and final juice of the day. It was rough not having another juice for the evening. It has been great to catch up with an old buddy…he certainly kicked my ass while training.

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